Jack is still looking for that special foster or forever family. He really needs a family to call his own.

Jack has a ton of potential in the right hands. Jack started to develop some OCD tendencies and some reactivity so we are looking for a foster home/forever home that can assist him with positive behavior modification. We personally met with Jack and he is quite a lovely boy and could be an awesome dog in the right hands. He met one of my stable, secure female dogs and he was absolutely fine with her. He is not aggressive; I would term him “socially inept”. He reminds me of my Ethan when I first got him from GHF. Jack’s first foster home did a wonderful job of counter conditioning some of his quirks and this would need to be continued in his next foster home or adopted home. Jack is a quick learner and loves to do tricks, he seeks praise and wants to be right. He just needs to be shown how. He also needs mental and physical daily exercise. He is 1 1/2 years old and a big boy with sports potential with the right training.
If you are well versed in behavior modification and herding dog tendencies and would like to foster or adopt this very special boy, please email us at ECHOrescue@yahoo.com. He is not for the first time dog owner nor anybody who has not had a special-needs dog.  He would do best in a household as a solo dog, or with a confident, stable female dog of medium size, or a laid back male dog. He’s not for a household with cats, small dogs or children

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